It’s good to be gathered together again after corona.


We need more backup cleaners.

Please recruit if you know someone looking for a cleaning job. Need to speak Norwegian or very good english.


General routines.


If something gets destroyed, inform Anneli and the customer. Anneli will fix it – most times customers understand accidents can happen and it’s ok, but we lose trust with customers if we dont tell them about the accident. So this is very important.



Following rules. Someone called in and complained about wrong driving and parking where it is allowed. Take good care of the cars, they are our brand and advertisement on the roads.


Parking at the office.

Outside the office, only 3 parking for guests. Do not occupie these spaces. You need to go up and get the parking proof/card if you don’t have one.



We all need to wear uniform pants, shirts and jackets. Tell Anneli if you’re missing something. We have both pants and shirts available in the office. 


Shoes when working

Use inside shoes and switch shoes when you’re inside the customer. Do not use outdoor shoes in the customer house. Also it does not look professional to walk around cleaning without shoes, so make sure you bring shoes for indoor cleaning assignments..


HMS card

Everyone needs to have it. Expired cards are to be delivered to Anneli. We need a picture of id, passport or norwegian driver licence, plus a portrait picture. Send to Anneli or Heidi if you don’t have an HMS card.


Locking door at customer

Always double check that the door is looked when you leave the customer.



Do not smoke around the customer or close to the house/building. Don’t smoke before you go into the house/building. Also don’t smoke during the assignment or when you’re in the house/customer building. Because it will smell and the customer will complain about the bad smell and that it does not smell clean, so this is very important to keep in mind.



If you could not do the assignment, due to a customer not home or other reason, you put bomtur in the app so you will be paid for the driving. Also it is important that you put bomtur and not fullført. So that the customer doesn’t pay for a job that did not happen.


Say hello

Always remember to ring the doorbell before you enter and go into the house, so that you don’t have to se naked customers etc.



Are you missing something, something we need?


Scrape – for everyone name them, good to get greasy things in the kitchen or on the floor.


vacuums – change hepa filter 2 times a year. And put a date on when it was done.


3 soaps for standard cleaning



daglig rent

jif skurekrem


Spray bottles

The ones from Clas ohlson, if they don’t work bring it back and we get a new one. all of them need to be marked with what kind of soap it is and also a Lykke Hjemme sticker. Make sure that all of your equipment is marked with Lykke Hjemme logo sticker.



Buy some sand for the winter, small shuffle in the cars.


Puzzi – deep clean machine. 

Remember to put it back to the office after using it. And empty the water after you use it.


Laundry machine and tumble dryer

Thank you very much for being helpful with cleaning our mops and clothes. But be aware to wash according to the instructions. Make sure it is not overloaded and use the right amount of soap. 


How to make the floor look good? 

We get so many complaints about the floors. Not on other things. We need to be better with floor cleaning.


One tip is to first wet mop and then dry mop. check how the floor looks in the sunlight. Check for spots, and be aware of the corners and to clean under carpets. Also clean the same way the floor is.


Top secret information

Please add info about customers if you know details that are not written. 


Time for cleaning at the customer

Should we set the time every week? We need to find a solution because it is time consuming to answer questions from customers. Please come up with ideas if you have any input or questions.


Status, our customers

At the time we have 339 fixed customers, and on top of that we have flyttevask and other drop in assignments. In August we had 774 assignments.


Christmas party


We celebrate together after the christmas.


Rosa sløyfe

Løp i oktober, it would be cool to join and have a pink team! Lykke Hjemme will pay for your spot. Tell Anneli if you are joining.


Special soap


Sometimes the customer has a special soap, and want us to use it. Please add this information in the app so it makes the work easier for other colleagues.